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Corporate law

Our office provides comprehensive legal services in negotiating and preparing business contracts from standard contractual types (purchase contract, contract for work) to contracts not specifically named by law that combine various contractual types (such as delivery contracts for investment units), including contracts with an international element and application of the relevant internationally accepted business standards.

Furthermore, in the area of commercial law, we conduct consultancy on a daily basis in the field of corporate governance and our clients' structures, from the founding of a new company, through the acquisition of an ownership stake in an existing entity to the possibility of restructuring and transformation of trading companies.

The legal services provided include, in particular:

  • Preparation of contractual agenda for a wide range of business transactions, including setting up appropriate hedging instruments.
  • Preparation and revision of general business conditions.
  • Foundation of all forms of business companies, preparation of founding documents, securing trade and other business licenses.
  • Setting up the organizational and corporate structure of the capital companies, management of internal affairs of companies (general meetings, their organization and administration, preparation of contracts on performance of office, checking of the term of office of elected bodies, etc.)
  • Legal advice when acquiring ownership of another person's business
  • Application of FIDIC, INCOTERMS

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